June 30, 2005  Labette, Crawford, And Cherokee County Kansas
Supercell With Tornadoes and Funnel Clouds
June 04, 2005  East Central Kansas Supercells That Quickly Went Linear Near Emporia, Kansas
June 03, 2005  Southeast Kansas Multicellular Severe Storms Near Chanute, Kansas
April 21, 2005  Southeast Kansas Supercell In Crawford And Cherokee Counties That Produced A Wallcloud/Nice Mesocyclone
April 05, 2005  Northeast Oklahoma Multicellular Tornadic Storm In Washington County South Of Bartlesville
Early May, 2004  Severe Storms Southeast Of Pittsburg, Kansas That Later Went Tornado Warned In Jasper County Missouri
May 06, 2003  Tornado Warned Storm Near Uniontown, Kansas With A Very Large Wallcloud
May 04, 2003  Crawford, Cherokee County Kansas And Jasper County Missouri Tornado Outbreak
April 19, 2000  Damage Survey Pictures And Articles About The Parsons, Kansas Tornado That Heavily Damaged Downtown
April 26, 1991  Washington County Kansas Tornadic Supercell And After Dark Topeka/Valley Falls Tornado
April    , 1991  Lincoln County Kansas Supercell That Produced A Tornado Near Sylvan Grove And A Nice Photogenic Wallcloud
March 15, 1982  Damage Survey Pictures And Articles About The    Labette And Crawford County Kansas Tornadic Storms
September 13, 2005  Crawford County Kansas & Barton County Missouri Supercell With Rotating Wall Cloud
November 27, 2005  Tornado Touchdown Between Erie, Kansas and Stark, Kansas In Neosho County.  My First Daytime Tornado!!!!!
March 12, 2006  Stark, Kansas Fast Moving Wall Cloud & Supercell Thunderstorm Development At Sunset.
April 06, 2006  Tornado Warned Storms In Northeast Oklahoma, Southeast Kansas And Southwest Missouri.
April 29, 2006  Thunderstorm Dumped Large Amount of Rainfall Causing Street Flooding In Pittsburg, Kansas. 
May 03, 2006  Tornado Warned Storm Moved Across Southern Bourbon County, Kansas And Vernon County, Missouri.
May 25, 2006  Jasper And Lawrence County, Missouri Supercell Photographed From Central Jasper County, Missouri.
May 30, 2006  Gust Front Associated With A Non-Severe Thunderstorm Located South Of Girard, Kansas.
September 16, 2006  Bust Chase Through Northern Kansas And Southern Nebraska.
March 28, 2007  Large Wedge Tornado Between Booker, Texas & Beaver, Oklahoma.
April 21, 2007  Weak Tornado Near Bushland, Texas & Supercell Northeast Of Hereford, Texas
April 24, 2007  Weak Tornado Near Nickerson And Sterling, Kansas With Numerous Funnel Clouds
April 25, 2007  Wall Cloud Southeast Of Centrailia, Oklahoma.  Low Topped Supercells In Northeast Oklahoma
May 06, 2007  Wall Cloud South Of Arcadia, Kansas Associated With Moderate Thunderstorms.
May 23, 2007  Wall Cloud South Of Hillsboro, Kansas And Shelf Cloud Northeast Of Newton, Kansas.
October 02, 2007  Shelf Cloud East Of Miami, Oklahoma and Small Wall Cloud In Barton County, Missouri.
October 17, 2007  Updraft and Small Wall Cloud Northeast Of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
March 31, 2008  Southeast Kansas and Eastern Oklahoma Supercell Thunderstorms And Wall Clouds.
April 23, 2008  Wall Cloud West Of Buffalo In Southeast Kansas.
May 07, 2008  Squall Lines In South Central Oklahoma and Northeast Texas.
May 13, 2008  Rotating Severe Thunderstorm Between Shawnee And Okemah In Eastern Oklahoma
June 03, 2008  Tornado Warned Supercell Thunderstorm With Wall Cloud In Northwest Missouri.
June 04, 2008 Lincoln, Nebraska Severe Thunderstorms Containing Wall Cloud.
June 05, 2008 Let The Race Begin!   Very Fast Moving Tornado Warned Thunderstorms In North Central Kansas.
June 06, 2008  Southwest Missouri Mini-Supercell Thunderstorms With Nice Wall Cloud Near Golden City.
November 05, 2008  Southeast Kansas And Northeast Oklahoma Supercells.
February 10, 2009  Straight Line Winds Near Mound Valley, Kansas With Severe Storms That Rolled Through.
March 23, 2009  Supercells and Funnel Clouds In South Central Kansas.
May 13, 2009  Supercell Thunderstorms In North Central Missouri.  Missed The Kirksville, Mo. Tornado By Minutes.
June 09, 2009  Severe Thunderstorms Near Beaumont, Kansas.  Heavy Rain And Sporadic Hail.
June 10, 2009  Schell City, Missouri Tornado!
September 21, 2009  Squall Line With Quarter Size Hail And Damaging Winds Northwest Of Tulsa, Oklahoma.
January 09, 2010  Snow Storm In Pittsburg, Kansas.
November 22, 2010  Severe Thunderstorms Located In Southern Crawford County Kansas.
February, 01, 2011 Blizzard Conditions Inside The City Limits Of Pittsburg, Kansas.
April 14, 2012  Central Kansas Severe Thunderstorm Extravaganza.
July 26, 2012  Busted Storm Chase That Turned Into A Railfanning Trip In Oklahoma.
May 20, 2013  Storm Chase In Southern Oklahoma To The South Of Oklahoma City With Dad.
May 31, 2013  The Infamous El Reno, Oklahoma Chase Day! I Caught A Small Tornado Southwest Of Kingfisher, Oklahoma.
April 13, 2014  Local Severe Thunderstorms In Crawford And Cherokee Counties In Southeast Kansas.
April 27, 2014  Eastern Kansas Tornado That I Caught West Of Hume, Missouri!
June 06, 2014  My First Storm Chase In Southwest Kansas With A Tornado Near Deerfield, Kansas!
May 27, 2015  Chasing Severe Thunderstorms In North Central Oklahoma.
June 05, 2015  Developing Thunderstorms West Of Pittsburg, Kansas.
June 12, 2015  Another Local Severe Thunderstorm Chase In Southeast Kansas.
April 26, 2016  A Wall Cloud In South Central Kansas Southwest Of Wellington, Kansas.
May 26, 2016  Southwest Kansas Wall Clouds Near Protection, Kansas.
May 27, 2016  North Central Oklahoma Severe Thunderstorms Near Ponca City, Oklahoma.
March 24, 2017  A Severe Thunderstorm North Of Moline, Kansas.
March 29, 2017  Severe Thunderstorms That Developed In Neosho, Allen and Bourbon Counties In Kansas.
March 09, 2017  A Big Severe Weather Day Starting In Southeast Kansas And Ending In Southwest Missouri.
April 29, 2017  Southeast Kansas And Southwest Missouri Major Flooding Event.
May 27, 2017  A Severe Thunderstorm That Traverses Cherokee County Kansas.
May 29, 2017  A Wall Cloud And Shelf Cloud From The Top Of The Pittsburg State University Football Stadium.